Networking Solutions

Ethernet CAT6 -Gigabit & 10 Gigabit Cabling

To meet the ever-increasing demand of network speed versus cabling speeds we provide you with gigabit and 10 gigabit solutions with cross-connect architecture for easy moves, additions and changes for Voice and Data Networks of today and 12 years from now.

Fiber optic Cabling System

We provide Fiber Optic Cabling for Campus Networking, Backbone Networking, Desktop / Server Networking Between Ethernet Switches, Routers, WAN Networks, Wi-Fi Networks, Remote Sites and Long Distance Networks.

Network Rack & Server Room Desiging

We provide complete design and implementation of the racks for your ease of use, daily maintenance, accessibility, ventilation for equipment’s that generate heat. Labelling and documentation saves managers a lot of time to trouble shoot the problem of a Cabling Network.