Voice and Data Coveraged Solutions

Bussiness Communication Manager-50

BCM50 is the smallest hardware platform in the series designed to cost effectively deliver the features and values of BCM to small offices with 3 to 24+ user with scalability up to 44 TDM users +32 IP users.

Business Communication Manager 200/400

BCM 400 is one of the most sophisticated and reliable voice and data solutionsfor branch offices and small to medium-sized businesses.BCM is designed to provide increased platform scalability up to 200 users + 90 IP users.

Communication Server 1000(Meridian 1)

cs 1000 is a server-based, full-featured IP PBX, providing the benefits of a converged network plus advanced application and over 450 world-class telephony features. it can be fully distributed over IP LAN / WAN infrastructure with built-in reliabillity and survivabillity

Ethernet Routing/LAN Switchesn

The Nortel Ethernet Switch portfolio provides a cascade stacking arrangment combines up to 8 mixed switch-type units, offering 384 ports in one managed entity. PoE enabled, modular Ethernet Routing switches.Delivering high density Gigabit connectivity, Layer 3 Switching it is the solutions for enterprises seeking to extend the intelligence of their network from the network core to the edge.

VPN Router & Switched Firewall

Branch officers, Suppliers and customers with the cost performance advantages public IP network and the security and control found in private network. Products like CONTIVITY,ALTEON are used where business are required to be 100% reliable.